📪GOKU Swap Partners

Gokuswap with the goal of expanding a strong ecosystem and always welcoming more partners to accompany.

Gokuswap will help partner projects deflate optimally, through Router developed by Goku Labs. Specifically, each transaction on Gokuswap Router will automatically burn 0.2% of the project's Token.


  • Technology Partnership Announcement from Twitter + Telegram of Gokuswap Official.

  • Provide Widget Swap Source Code.

  • Update Project Logo on Gokuswap


  • Buy and Burn 500,000 GOKU BSC (0.05% Total Supply)

  • Add Widget Gokuswap on Your Website.

  • Deposit $500 at least worth of Token Project on Router contract for transaction becomes smooth.

The Gokuswap Business Swap Partners Program Application Form at: Soon

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